Video & Photography

The world loves a great image or video. They can tell a story, convey emotion, or captivate—all without saying a word. Our design team at ARTime possesses the expertise to create visually stunning pieces that will enthrall your audience.

We specialize in animation, the kind you see in web ads, social media, and TV commercials. Animation adds life to standard graphics and videos, whether it’s interactive features on a website, videos on social media, or adding bold text to an action-packed commercial. Animated work adds an additional layer of engagement, grabbing the attention of current and potential customers.

However, this isn’t to say traditional photography is dull and boring in comparison; that simply isn’t true. A professional photograph, even if motionless, enhances marketing materials: a stunning panorama can welcome a customer to a website, an intriguing image can keep magazine readers from turning the page, the right photo can make already great products look even greater.

At ARTime, we have an eye for what your target audience is looking for. Whether we design a graphic or capture an image, we know the best ways to turn heads and attract eyes.